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2009, ജനുവരി 2, വെള്ളിയാഴ്‌ച

resolutions broken?

Its natural! we can only do that."To be or not tobe" Otherwise we are not human beings!!( seems to be intelligent and wise!!!)

Coming to the content ..New Year resolutions.. bold and strong at the hour of birth..but in the afternoon there was a slight change...in the evening bottoms up!

No worry. Science have the reason for all .. now scientists introduced a technic called "SOBER" to stick on to resolutions at least for one week!!

S- stop. Pause for a moment what we are doing .
O- observe. What is experiencing..sensing about desicion.
B-breathe. Take deep breath before going to change resolution..
E-express. Aware about what will happen, when braking resolution.
R- respond. Mindfully that we are not powerless to take a dicision or to stick on to that.

I have tried and tired!!